Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here is a documentary about Human Trafficking. It is really powerful and does an excellent job in sharing the personal stories of the victims, middle men and those involved in international trafficking in third world countries Human Trafficking:

Here is another documentary about Human Trafficking, except it is based within the United States, a documentary about Trafficking in Tampa Bay.

Here is a short five minute film about Human Trafficking of American Children. 300,000 American Children are trafficked around the world.


  1. Hey!
    I want to get involved or help out.
    Can I get more info? I am a current Biola student, going into my senior year. Do you have like a official meeting time when school gets in? Please keep me updated.

  2. Hey Alli, sorry for getting back to you so late. I'm currently the leader for the group on Biola's campus. We have a minstry fair on campus this Tuesday and Wed 9-3 where you can talk to us and get more info. My name is Jordan Lounsbury if you want to BUBBS me for more info.