Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other Human Trafficking Research Resources

Two More Additional Resources

The Day my God Died

This is a PBS documentary about trafficking in Bombay India. It is online for free and it opened my eyes to a new view of this slavery. It was extremely powerful, down to earth and touching.

Trafficking in Persons Report 2009

Report about national and international slavery released by the US government.

"The ninth annual Trafficking in Persons Report sheds light on the faces of modern-day slavery and on new facets of this global problem. The human trafficking phenomenon affects virtually every country, including the United States. In acknowledging America’s own struggle with modern-day slavery and slavery-related practices, we offer partnership. We call on every government to join us in working to build consensus and leverage resources to eliminate all forms of human trafficking."
--Secretary Clinton, June 16, 2009


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Anti-Slavery Events

For those in Southern California:

Talent 1 Media is hosting an event on June 13th.

The event is a film festival, hosting a showing of Call and Response and other independent films. During the event there will be break out sessions educating people on how to take action on Slavery.

Click here for more information.
Japanese American Cultural and Community Center
244 South San Pedro Street
(between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
Los Angeles (Little Tokyo), CA 90012

For those in Northern California:

Promised Land Fellowship
Saturday, June 13th

"The Outpouring" is a network of youth and young adults who are hungry and desperate to encounter God and effect change in their generation. On June 13, The Outpouring will host a day long conference on the churches role to ending human trafficking and slavery, with special guests Justin Dillon (call + response) and David Batstone (Not For Sale Campaign).

In our first session we will worship and pray, then hear Justin Dillon give a challenging message on the ending of slavery in our generation. That will be followed by a viewing of the movie Call + Response.
In our second session, we will spend some more time in worship and prayer around the issue of human trafficking, followed by an empowering message from David Batstone.

We are asking every christian to be a part of this monumental event on June 13th. The church is the answer to the problem of human trafficking.
There is no cost to this event, we just ask that you would come ready to give financially towards empowering these organizations to better be able to make the world aware of the issue of modern day slavery.

For more information click here
1663 Market St. San Francisco, CA


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ways to be an Activist on the Road to Freedom.

Summer is upon us, and Summer is the perfect opportunity to take action. To live a life of freedom.

3 Simple Ways to Be an Activist during the Summer:

1. Pray.

Research a Country or even a state in the United States and find key ways to pray for that nation/state. A good resource for this is Exodus Cry, a nonprofit Christian network of Intercessors interceding before our LORD against Slavery. Join it!

If you feel so inclined open a Exodus Cry Chapter (basically an intercessory prayer group) For information about this click here.

2. Research.

Inform yourself about the issue. Read some books. I highly recommend Disposable People by Kevin Bales. Not for Sale by David Batstone is also a really good resource. If you want other books about Human Trafficking here is a list of books about Modern Day Slavery. (Disclaimer: I haven't read all of these)

Also another resource is the Trafficking in Persons report released by the United States Federal Government in 2008. If you want another resource close to home one that I suggest is Human Trafficking in California Final Report released in 2007 by the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force.

Two other good websites are:
Rescue and Restore

3. Talk about it/Keep your eyes open/Raise Awareness

Talk with your neighbors, your friends, your family about Human Trafficking and signs of it. (for a review of the signs of Human Trafficking click here).

Here are some tools also that might be helpful in spreading the word. Print up these posters, ask the manager put them in the stores that you frequent during break, gas stations, the gym you go to, ect.

Hope your Summers are restful and productive and a time where the Kingdom is forcefully advancing.